Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paraguay Seizes More Cocaine Along Brazil Border | Synopsis

Paraguay Seizes More Cocaine Along Brazil Border

Llama's at the Summit of the Bolivian Death Road
Llama's at the Summit of the Bolivian Death Road by Matthew Straubmuller
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Paraguayan officials say they have arrested a Bolivian drug lord and seized more than a ton of cocaine in a northern city along the border with Brazil. Special agents said Sunday they found a 3,724 pound (1,689 kilogram) cargo at a ranch in Salto del Guairo, some 250 miles (400 kilometers) from the capital, Asuncion. Agents reported a smaller find on Saturday. But additional searches near the ranch turned up more cocaine and an illegal landing strip. The National Anti-drug Secretariat tells the Associated Press the drugs were about to be flown in five small planes to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Authorities say they arrested alleged Bolivian drug lord Marco Antonio Rocca Ali and 18 other people, including Paraguayans, Brazilians and Bolivians.


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