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DGA TV nominations include "Girls," "Homeland" and "Mad Men" | Essentials

DGA TV nominations include "Girls," "Homeland" and "Mad Men"

Inside the Breaking Bad Screening Lab in Hollywood (Jesse)
Inside the Breaking Bad Screening Lab in Hollywood (Jesse) by Pop Culture Geek
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As for the TV drama category, "The Newsroom," "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad" are in the running, along with Showtime's "Homeland," which earned nominations for two separate episodes -- one directed by Michael Cuesta and second led by Lesli Linka Glatter. Dramatic Series: Michael Cuesta, Showtime's "Homeland" - "The Choice" Jennifer Getzinger, AMC's "Mad Men" - "A Little Kiss" Greg Mottola, HBO's "The Newsroom" - "We Just Decided To" Comedy Series: Louis C.K.


Michael Cuesta

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Relevance: 0.899999

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Lesli Linka Glatter

Overall Sentiment: 0

Relevance: 0.573005

Greg Mottola

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Relevance: 0.418126

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Jennifer Getzinger

Overall Sentiment: -0.216762

Relevance: 0.308747


Overall Sentiment: 0.17561

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Louis C.K.

Overall Sentiment: 0.144133

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Holiday: New Year's Eve

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TelevisionShow: Mad Men

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TelevisionShow: The Newsroom

Overall Sentiment: -0.946961

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