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Adam Lanza computer may be salvageable: Data retrieval experts | Synopsis

Adam Lanza computer may be salvageable: Data retrieval experts

Drive D
Drive D by William Hook
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(CBS News) CBS News stated how Adam Lanza ruined his computer systems before he drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday. Investigators state the Newtown gunman did such a thorough job, the FBI has actually been not able to recover any info from those computer systems. But CBS News saw one company that may be able to help. When Hurricane Sandy cleaned with the Northeast, it saturated thousands of computer systems. Some of their owners are looking for a miracle from Michael Diomidous. He runs Data Recovery Operations for Kroll, the company now attempting to wring out info from those water-logged hard-drives. Kroll technicians recovered 99 percent of the data from another drive blown into the environment after the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. That nearly thawed drive sat at the bottom of a Texas lake for 6 months. They were successful after 9/11.



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Erik Venema

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0.0171447Erik Venema, who runs the forensics side of Kroll's operation, said, "It is like a cake. If the top one gets damaged, it may be that we can see the data that the user created on the other platters, which may not be damaged."
-0.105748Venema said, "So even if somebody deletes a file and it's spread on different places on the hard drive, Kroll's proprietary software will find those bits and pieces and put them back together."
-0.177892Venema said they contain "obviously incriminating evidence, without question."
-0.225957He said, "Even somebody that has the most heinous intent to destroy something might end up missing all the important parts of the drive, just by happenstance or the stress of the situation."
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Adam Lanza

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Michael Diomidous

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0.267726Diomidous said of his workspace, "If (the hard drives) need to come into the clean room, that's basically the last resort."
0.0915618Diomidous explained, "The read and write heads will store the data on this magnetic platter. Imagine the old record players where the needle will go back and forth and read the songs that we have."
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Michelle Miller

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