Saturday, January 19, 2013

10 Things to Know for Today | Redux

10 Things to Know for Today

[Frank Chance, Chicago NL, at Polo Grounds, NY (baseball)] (LOC)
[Frank Chance, Chicago NL, at Polo Grounds, NY (baseball)] (LOC) by The Library of Congress
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Hundreds of thousands of Americans will benefit, but consumers say U.S. banks will wipe out huge potential liabilities. 7. MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF A CHICAGO LOTTERY WINNER Police open a homicide investigation six months after $425,000 winner Urooj Khan died, saying he ingested a lethal dose of cyanide. 8. ARE WE THERE YET? Simulations of a 17-month journey to Mars made would-be spacemen drowsy — acting like bears on the verge of hibernation. 9. ANOTHER LOOK AT AMY WINEHOUSE DEATH A second inquest Tuesday confirms that the singer died in 2011 of accidental alcohol poisoning. 10. A WOULD-BE CLASSIC TURNS INTO A ROUT No. 2 Alabama bashed No. 1 Notre Dame 42-14 to roll to its second straight BCS championship.


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