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Watch: Nightline 11/27: Lotto Fever: Going After $500 Million Powerball Jackpot | Reduction

Watch: Nightline 11/27: Lotto Fever: Going After $500 Million Powerball Jackpot

In a world where everybody carries a mobile phone..
In a world where everybody carries a mobile phone.. by Lars Plougmann
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Nightline (11.27.12) | Video - ABC News Hot Topics: Angus T. Jones •Dolly Parton Rumors •Powerball Home U.S. World Politics Video Investigative Health Entertainment Money Tech Travel Most Popular VideoJill Kelley's Sister Comes to Her Defense Dolly Parton Gets Frank About Love Life,... Angus T. Jones Calls 'Two and a Half Men'... California Family Dies in Dog Rescue Airline Fees: Weigh More, Pay More? WATCH VIDEO: Caught on Tape » Maryland Bus Driver Fights Student:... Men Caught Shoplifting With a...



Overall Sentiment: 0

Relevance: 0.772273

Angus T. Jones

Overall Sentiment: 0.0269993

Relevance: 0.429782

0Angus T. Jones Calls 'Two and a Half Men'...
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  • Number of Quotes: 1
  • Aggregate Sentiment: 0
  • Mean: 0
  • Standard Deviation: 1.4142135623731

Dolly Parton

Overall Sentiment: 0.447078

Relevance: 0.389926

Disambiguation: Composer | MusicalArtist | AwardNominee | AwardWinner | BroadcastArtist | FilmMusicContributor | MusicalGroupMember | FilmActor | TVActorReferences:

Diane Sawyer

Overall Sentiment: 0

Relevance: 0.334664

Disambiguation: AwardWinner | Celebrity | HallOfFameInductee | Journalist | OperaCharacter | TVPersonality | TVActorReferences:

David Petraeus

Overall Sentiment: -0.215508

Relevance: 0.271134

Disambiguation: AwardWinner | MilitaryCommander | MilitaryPersonReferences:

David Muir

Overall Sentiment: 0

Relevance: 0.263162

Disambiguation: FilmCinematographerReferences:

Jon Cryer

Overall Sentiment: 0.0744381

Relevance: 0.258417

Disambiguation: Actor | AwardNominee | AwardWinner | FilmActor | TVActor | TVDirector | TVProducer | FilmWriterReferences:

Jill Kelley

Overall Sentiment: 0.0673639

Relevance: 0.252936

Ryan Owens

Overall Sentiment: 0.0596468

Relevance: 0.251117

Marie Antoinette

Overall Sentiment: 0.177056

Relevance: 0.24843

John Edwards

Overall Sentiment: 0

Relevance: 0.247654

Disambiguation: Politician | Celebrity | Senator | U.S.Congressperson | ElectionCampaign | TVActorReferences:

George Stephanopoulos

Overall Sentiment: 0

Relevance: 0.245444


Overall Sentiment: 0.036017

Relevance: 0.184728


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Country: U.S

Overall Sentiment: 0

Relevance: 0.430234

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FieldTerminology: Powerball

Overall Sentiment: -0.0355284

Relevance: 0.654561

HealthCondition: Fever

Overall Sentiment: -0.210936

Relevance: 0.585134

TelevisionShow: World News Now

Overall Sentiment: 0

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