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"Hitchcock" star Anthony Hopkins: To get a compliment from legendary director was 'like being given | Essentials

"Hitchcock" star Anthony Hopkins: To get a compliment from legendary director was 'like being given

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Sir Anthony Hopkins is known for dramatic portrayals of public figures like John Quincy Adams and Richard M. Nixon.  Now he's stepping into the famous silhouette of cinema’s master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock.  The new biopic "Hitchcock" examines the director's life during the filming of “Psycho,” specifically focusing on how his wife Alma Reville helped shape his legacy.    Hopkins tells FOX411 about becoming Hitchcock, meeting the filmmaker back in 1979, his thoughts on the Hollywood husband-wife relationship, and how he’s not just an actor these days. FOX 411: What were the most challenging aspects of turning yourself into Alfred Hitchcock. Anthony Hopkins: The voice was the first part.  To get the voice, the vocal sound of Hitchcock right.  Then the makeup. I didn't want to be overweight. I didn't want to put on weight.


Alfred Hitchcock

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0.18654Hitchcock sitting in the restaurant and I said to my agent, 'I'd love to meet him.'
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Anthony Hopkins

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0George said, 'This is my client Anthony Hopkins,' ...
0.27523George said, 'This is my client Anthony Hopkins,' and (Hitchcock) said 'Charmed, I'm sure, Very good luck to you.'
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Alma Reville

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John Quincy Adams

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George Chasen

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Alfred Hitchcock.

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Sir Alfred

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0.250127“Congratulations Sir Alfred” and he said ...
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Howard Berger

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Andre Rieu

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Doris Day

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Richard M. Nixon.

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