Sunday, December 9, 2012

'Watching the insanity' of Black Friday, a day early | Essentials

'Watching the insanity' of Black Friday, a day early


)) now to all the early birds stuffed and delighted after thanksgiving dinner and already out the door, making a beeline for those prepared to go shopping, getting a jump on black Friday. nbc's kevin tibbles is outside chicago tonight, good evening. )) reporter: well, kate, it might be the custom time of thanksgiving and turkey, but on this custom day it is time to additionally head out, line up and wish for a bargain. while many americans are serving up seconds, many others are lining up in search of a deal. )) happy thanksgiving. )) the earlier you get right here, the much better chances you have at bargains. )) black Friday is back, savings begin. )) reporter: standard black Friday sales relocated head to thanksgiving Thursday as walmart, sears, target and toys "r" us roll out their huge offers tonight.


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