Monday, December 31, 2012

Full Episode: The Vice Presidential Debate 2012 | Reduction

Full Episode: The Vice Presidential Debate 2012


You are using an old version of Adobe Flash which will soon no longer be supported. Please update now so you can continue to watch videos on the ABC Player. The Candidates Debate: VP Joe Biden and Paul Ryan face off in the vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky.


Joe Biden

Overall Sentiment: 0.0349374

Relevance: 0.96362

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Paul Ryan

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Relevance: 0.674116

Additional Info:

City: Danville

Overall Sentiment: 0.0832267

Relevance: 0.650999

StateOrCounty: Kentucky

Overall Sentiment: 0.0739914

Relevance: 0.54674

Disambiguation: Location | PoliticalDistrict | AdministrativeDivision | GovernmentalJurisdiction | USStateReferences:

Company: Adobe

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Company: ABC

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