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The Civil Wars: New music on the way | Synopsis

The Civil Wars: New music on the way

Keith Urban - All for the Hall benefit concert
Keith Urban - All for the Hall benefit concert by Gary Storts
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Joy Williams, one half of the Grammy Award-winning duo with John Paul White, said Thursday during a Twitter chat that she was in the studio listening to new Civil Wars songs. It's a tantalizing clue to the future of the group, which appeared in doubt when a European tour unraveled last month due to "irreconcilable differences." At the time, the duo said it hoped to release an album in 2013. It's not clear if Williams was referring Thursday to music for a new album or for a documentary score they have composed with T Bone Burnett. They're also set to release an "Unplugged" session on iTunes on Jan. 15. Nate Yetton, the group's manager and Williams' husband, had no comment - though he has supplied a few hints of his own by posting pictures of recording sessions on his Instagram account recently.


Joy Williams

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